Saturday, January 16, 2010

Twitter for Job Seekers?

Apparently, it's the next wave in job searching. I read an article by Kevin Kermes, who interviewed two Twitter "pros" who claimed that it really is possible, if done correctly.
I've posted a link to the article and the two audio files at the bottom of the blog.

Personally, I haven't found much in Twitter. Some may gag on their morning coffee as they read this, but Twitter is pretty much useless for me, other than to post blog updates. It's a connection point through which people can follow this blog, if they like.

I'm not on Twitter all day because I have work to do, and that work doesn't need to be public on Twitter. Plus, who wants to know that I'm processing returned merchandise authorizations? NOBODY! Even I'M not that interested in them, to be honest. To all of you marketers out there that think that speaking out against a social media outlet is blasphemy, I'm not even a little bit sorry. Just because it's new doesn't mean that we should worship it like a god. It's NOT!

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE social media, and am an active participant and content creator in several different networking outlets. Twitter just happens to not be my favorite. If you like it, don't be offended; it's just my opinion. If you WANT to follow me on Twitter to find out about my latest posts, feel free. Like I said before: It's one I use to post about new posts, but don't expect any abbreviated tirades about anything!


Here's the link, followed by some obligatory copy about the author:

Kevin Kermes publishes the ‘Build the Career Your Deserve’ e-zine with over 21,000+ subscribers. If you are ready to empower yourself with the vital tools and information necessary to find the job you want and build the successful career you deserve, visit him now at

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