Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hulu Takes It Back

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My wife and I are avid TV watchers, but only online; with three kids, it's the only time we have to watch our favorite shows. And yes, we've been using Hulu to watch everything in one place; the convenience of the site has been great. I've even watched some movies on there, too.

So, when I heard that the News Corp. deputy chairman, Chase Carey, announced that Hulu would start charging for viewing videos through a subscription-based service, I wanted to reach through my computer screen and throttle the person that came up with the idea. SUBSCRIPTION? Are they all mental over there at News Corp.?

At our house, we get satellite TV, but we have the family package so the kids can watch all of that. It's really the only reason we have anything at all. That's our subscription. We don't need to pay for another subscription just so we can watch our favorite programming online. Watching shows online is an added BONUS for my wife and I, so we don't feel deprived. However, if Hulu charges, we'll go somewhere else; the stations themselves will most likely still offer free viewing. Sure, it'll be less convenient, but I'm NOT going to pay for something I already pay for each month!

Does anyone else have an opinion on this? Please make a comment below!

Now that people are up in arms, Hulu and News Corp. have all but recounted Mr. Carey's words by saying that their current plan is a good one that they'll not shy away from using in the future. The spokesperson also said that any additional, subscription-based services will be IN ADDITION to their free offerings. Who knows if that's what Carey meant to say, but I'm sure that's what he'll claim.

Companies should do more research before deciding on future business plans. Without the research, any company can make a mistake like News Corp. did. Research first, everyone! It's the only way to go!
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Friday, October 16, 2009

Axis and Allies: Part 4

The pieces are all in place and the dice are about to be thrown; this is when you choose which tactical approaches to use and how to use them. In keeping with the "Axis and Allies" theme, should you send in the infantry men (ie front-line sales force) first and follow it up with a well-placed blast (a YouTube video) to hit the correct spot?

Maybe it's more about online blogging and networking that gets the biggest bang. I don't know enough about each business in the world to say, but if you start with a strategic vision, you'll be able to see how all your pieces are working on the board, and can make tactical moves to win the game - super ROI!

If you have any other questions, or an idea for a better analogy, feel free leave a comment!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Axis and Allies: Part 3

The third part of the process is my favorite because it's the crux of everything. You can have great and revealing research, followed up with an amazing insight, but without a good - or rather, GREAT - strategy, you could still end up with poor results.

Great marketers use great strategy to work magic; mostly, this is due to the fact that strategy can turn something as boring as soap into a worldwide campaign promoting beauty in every face. How did Dove do it? Magic? No, no; it was STRATEGY.

This is where the Axis and Allies analogy really takes shape. This is the 40,000 foot view (thanks, John Greening) that helps us see where and how to place our pieces. From this high above the board, we can see everything, and can plan accordingly. The map was created using the research, and the insight - the true driver - is the color of the men; it gives them their unique outlook on the world and helps them know who and what they fight for.

Are the men and other pieces arranged for maximum effectiveness? Once you've set everything up the way you want it, it's time to pull the tactical trigger!
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