Friday, September 17, 2010

Wasting time like a pro!

I just read an article on called, "6 Ways to Waste Your Time on Social Media." Click the title of this post to go directly to the post. It did a great job of pointing out some fairly common ways that a lot of people, including myself, waste time in the social sphere.

For me, the big one is getting involved in too many groups on LinkedIn. I belong to 50+ groups on that site, and each one is like its own social network. It takes a lot of time to check status updates for each group. Fortunately, I have a little more time right now to check for job postings, but I know I still should be doing less! It's just SO HARD!!!

I'd love to hear everyone's social networking frustrations! Feel free to leave a comment to let everyone know your addictive behavior. Maybe we can provide some help to each other on breaking our bad habits!


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