Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pilgrimage - A Novel of the Sovereign Era

I don't often do this, but I feel like I owe it to Matthew Wayne Selznick to try and help support his Kickstarter campaign; his novel, Pilgrimage - A Novel of the Sovereign Era, is a sequel to Brave Men Run, one of the first podcast novels EVER!  I read the first one and have been a fan ever since!

Click below to watch the video trailer for the book and to read more about Kickstarter and crowdfunding.

If you're asking yourself, "What is Kickstarter?" then I'll explain.  It's a crowd funding service, where you can pledge money to creative projects you'd like to see succeed.  It's nice because you can bid as little as a dollar, or as much as you'd like.  At different funding levels, you'll receive different rewards from the creators of the project.

For instance, I pledged $51 to Pilgrimage, so Mr. Selznick is going to include me as a character in a future Sovereign Era short story, plus I get a signed copy of the book, too.  Isn't that fun?  I get to help out an author who's work I really like, AND I get cool prizes that are worth MORE than money!

Sign up for a free Kickstarter account, then search for "Pilgrimage novel," or click on this link ( to go directly to the page.  Hurry, though!  There are only 8 days left! Plus, if the project doesn't get fully funded by August 27th, Mr. Selznick won't do the project at all, and that would be a tragedy!

Thank you for your support, and don't forget to leave a comment, letting me know if you helped fund the project, too; I'm curious to see if this helps Mr. Selznick.


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