Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Helpful Reminder

I like email lists, sometimes, and have been known to sign up for A LOT of them.  Most get forwarded directly into folders so that they don't clutter my inbox, but there are a few that stay in front of my eyes.  One of my favorites is the BrandAid from Killian Branding, a marketing firm in Chicago.

I like them for two reasons:
1. They don't show up more than once every couple of weeks, usually.
2. The content is quick and relevant.  Usually, there are links to more lengthy articles on their website, but short messages work well when I don't have time to click through.

Yesterday, I got one called, "Disrupt!"  It was a quick reminder to avoid the ordinary and embrace the creativity that helps create great marketing messages.  "Normal" doesn't make potential customers want to buy your products of services.  You have to catch their attention, and that might not be through flashy marketing messages; it could be an infomercial.

Click the title of this post to read the full article on the Killian Branding website, or read the BrandAid below:


"Ordinary words and 'just what I expected' ideas have no power. Every effective communication has to contain an element of the disruptive. You can't bore people into persuasion – but surprise and delight go a long way. Ask yourself as you edit yourself – where are the words with stopping power?"

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