Monday, November 14, 2011

MORE cheap ways to help your "personal brand"

In my original post, "Cheap ways to help your 'personal brand'...," I mentioned two specific methods: improving your LinkedIn profile and setting up a professional blog.  I still recommend these two methods to everyone.  However, looking back, there was WAY more I could have said!

To keep with the theme from the first, however, I'll mention only two others:

Twitter and Facebook. I can hear the groans already; you search the Internet for innovative ideas on marketing, and all I have to spit out are the two big social networking tools on the web today?  Yes, that's right, but I only do it because of how easy it is to INTEGRATE all of these tools together!

In his social media and blog marketing book, Six Pixels of Separation, author Mitch Joel talks a lot about these two marketing venues, singing the praises of both while also criticizing marketers for not taking advantage of what they can do to promote personal brands more effectively.  We need to use what's been given to us!  Unless, of course, someone wants to create their OWN model that works better and gets higher click-through rates.  Until that happens, though, use what you have.

I'm not going into details on how to create a Facebook page or a Twitter profile; they're actually pretty easy to figure out.  Make sure you link your Twitter profile to your Facebook page.  That way, the comments you post on Facebook will show up in your Twitter stream.

Marketing Take-away
Lastly, be active!  Don't just set it up and never go back.  That's not the way to be digitally social.  

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