Friday, November 4, 2011

Making money through "charitable contributions"

Seth Harwood's Latest
Print Release
Check out this link:  It'll take you to a page where one of my favorite authors, Seth Harwood, is raising money to help fund an independent book release.  While it might not be ideal for all situations, it seems to be a viable new way to get some initial funding through, what is essentially, charitable giving.  It's actually a genius idea to offer people the chance to be listed as a contributor IN THE BOOK if you send some cash his way.

There are other prizes awarded as well, the ultimate being given the chance to co-author a story with you as the main character.  Pretty cool, huh?  Granted, you have to donate $999 or more to get that prize, and only one is available.  Actually, I think that was one of the first to go, so the chance is gone.  Dang!

Mr. Harwood was given 30 days to get the funding for this print project  ($5,000), but he had the whole thing done within 25 hours.  He does have a lot of loyal fans, though.  His success is an example of how a site, like, can allow people with an idea to get funding.  Current categories include:
Take a look, and maybe you'll find inspiration to start your own project!

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