Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to interview

Will this bow tie help with my interviewing skills?
I want to mention a blog I read this morning that had some good advice on having Q&A-type discussions with other business professionals.  Click here to view the article.

The fact is, most people have NO IDEA how to conduct a quality interview; at least, I know I haven't
 got a clue.  That's why I went looking for answers this morning.  As I think more and more about starting up my IVAS Podcast after a yearlong hiatus, I'm realizing that I lack the skills necessary to interview people.  It was a skill that was never the subject of any of my college classes, but it's actually a helpful thing to know. Why was it overlooked by school administrators as a possible course?  I'm not sure, but when I'm a university admin - yeah, right! - the class will be added, for sure!

The Marketing Take-away
Companies have stories to tell, and interviewing is one way they can let people know more about them.  Getting a behind-the-scenes look can make people feel closer to a brand, which will lead to more sales, ideally.  Make sure that you always pursue this angle, because it provides listeners or readers with a perspective that they can't find by trolling a company's website.

Also, don't just release the interview in one format.  If you post the audio on your blog, make sure to provide a transcript, or vice versa.

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