Thursday, May 24, 2012

Who wants some Ronald tonight?

GEICO is famous for its funny ads, many of which have very little to do with insurance.  This one is my new favorite, and I was super-excited to find this uncut version of it!  After you watch the uncut version, check out the second video. It's the actual ad that appeared on TV, and I enjoyed seeing how they added text and re-cut it to act as a GEICO commercial.

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The Extended Version

The TV Version

The Marketing Take-away

The extended version doesn't have the GEICO tagline or logo at the end; without them, there's no way to tell what this is! Don't forget that the commercial - even if it's supposed to be a "viral" online-only video - isn't finished until it's edited. Don't just throw things up on YouTube without editing them first!

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