Thursday, December 16, 2010

I STILL love this restaurant, but...

Within three weeks of downloading that great coupon from Tucanos, I found another offer in my inbox.  This one was for a New Year's party deal at
the Salt Lake City location.  It includes all-I-can-eat food, all-I-can-drink beverages (non-alcoholic), a live band and dancing, as well as some other stuff for just $35 per person.  It's a pretty good deal, but for someone who isn't into big New Year's Eve parties, I'd prefer the first deal I got.

It makes me wonder if I got the deal specifically because I clicked on the last coupon.  It's odd timing with the end of the year so close; maybe this one would have come even without selecting the previous one.  I have to assume, though, that they have a system in place to follow up one coupon with another.  We'll see if anything else comes in the next little bit.  If it does, I'll know that this one was scheduled for delivery before I even purchased the first coupon.

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