Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beard Types

Not that I'm an expert on facial hair, but this list seems incomplete. Most of my facial hair experiments are on this chart. I've done the short boxed beard, which eventually got shaved down to the Van Dyke, but never had the courage to try most of these.

When I was in London during the summer of 2006, there was an ad campaign by TBWA - I think - for a British razor company. Its main feature was a contest for men to send in pictures of their beards, however crazy they might be. The campaign was wildly successful, and the results were crazy! People began shaving the most bizarre designs in their facial hair. It was a huge triumph for this local company that was having trouble beating out the big American players. With the help of this contest, they were able to gain market share.

The take-away
In your marketing, don't be afraid to get a little wild! Have fun with your campaigns, especially when they involve contests that try to bring out the creativity of your customers! It's also a great chance to give your social media strategy a shot of adrenaline (or adrenalin). Put contest announcements on your Facebook page and announce it on Twitter. Post about how the contest is going; if you're doing an ongoing competition, announce weekly or monthly winners via these same sites.

Also, clicking on the title of this blog post will take you to that beard chart I mentioned at first. Take a look, then please post a comment below on what you think.

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