Monday, November 29, 2010

I LOVE this restaurant!

I got this coupon in an email a week prior to my birthday.  Not only was it a great deal (50% off), it's for a place I actually eat at.  So, hooray for Tucanos, a company that gives great deals to people that already like them!

Also, in smaller print, but NOT in the fine print, the ad says that you can only purchase this discount during a certain window of time (November 19th-20th).  Once purchased, it has a six-month window in which to use it, though.  Limited time offers are great because they reward those that have the gumption to move their cursors.  Any person that can't quite muster up the energy to move their mouse will still see the ad and think about Tucanos, at least!

Additionally, because it was an email and not a mailer, cost and time were saved by not printing and mailing.  Also, it was easy to target a specific group of people.  I'm guessing it was people that had eaten at Tucanos at least once between six and twelve months ago.

It would have been just as easy - maybe they did this - to set up a second offer for people who have eaten at the restaurant MORE than once within the past eight months.  Since those people might be more likely to re-visit anyway, they should receive a $25-for-$15 coupon.

What do you think about this promotion?  Post a comment below; I'd love to find out what you all have to say!


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